Dog Gone Chic Pet Grooming, llc

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                                      A Big Thank You To All My New Clients

Nell M., Camden,  - Thank you for your business and entrusting me with Maggie. She is such a sweet little girl and I look forward to our next grooming session.

Barbara and Jim M., Shawboro,  - Thank you so much for your business and for being willing to give a new business a try. Buddee is a cutie petutie and a real good boy.  I will work very hard to meet and exceed your expectations. And thank you for the constructive criticism about my web site. As you can see the changes have been made. Until next time.

Pat B., Moyock,  - I appreciate your business and for the opportunity to groom Cleo. We should all look so good at her age. She's a very good girl and I so look forward to seeing her again. With her thick coat its brush, brush, brush.

Angela Z., Shawboro,  - Thank you for bringing Diesel to see me. He was such a good boy especially for his first professional groom. I hope I can be of service to you again. In the mean time take care of him and call anytime. I will always be glad to help.

Bob B., Barco,  - Thank you for bringing Oscar to me. He is a good boy. Now with all that undercoat gone, what a beautiful coat he has. Keep on brushing and we'll see you soon.

Sandy R., Shawboro,  - Thank you for your business. Chip is so sweet and I will love taking care of his grooming needs. It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to your next visit.

Michelle M., Camden, - I appreciate your business and your generosity so much. I look forward to caring for Gracie and hopefully your new puppy for years to come. I especially thank you for your understanding. As a christian, you understand that there is no limits to the evil that exists in our world. Take care and see you soon.

Lorretta K.,  Michigan - Thank you for choosing us to groom Baxter while you were in town visiting. He is so cute and was so good during his groom. Please come back again when you're back in town.

Stacy S., Shawboro - We appreciate your business and your patience during our busy day and for letting Paislee be our model. She was so good during her groom. Be sure to try those suggestions I offered you and let us know how they work out. See you soon.

Jessica B., Camden, - Thank you for your business and for letting me groom Chevy and Daisy. Look forward to seeing you all again soon.

DJ R., Moyock, - Thanks for bringing Sadie in for me to work with. She is a sweet girl, head strong, but sweet none the less. Look forward to meeting Mosaic. Appreciate your business and your generosity. See you all soon.

Ellen W., South Mills,- Thank you so much for your business and your trust. I think we were meant to meet too. Maggie is a sweetheart and I look forward to many years of groom time with her. Let's seriously work on that project, I think it will be a smash!!!!!!!

Brian B., Camden, -  I thank you for your business and for the opportunity to work with Lucy, Lulu. She is a great dog. You are indeed lucky to have her. I look forward to grooming her for years to come.

Denise P., Aydlett, -  I am so glad you found me. Miss Pearl is absolutely 

a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! And for being so tiny, brave and tolerant too. She endured a lot and did so like a champ. Thank you so much for your business and your generosity.

Laura J., Camden - Thank you for contacting us to groom Fuzzy. He is so sweet and was so good in the shop. We feel really good that we were able to help.