Dog Gone Chic Pet Grooming, llc

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"The question is not, can they reason? nor, can they talk? but, can they suffer?"- Jeremy Bentham, 1789. A philosopher and Professor of Law, Mr. Bentham posed this very question in regards to how we should treat animals. Here at Dog Gone Chic Pet Grooming, we couldn't agree more. We are passionate about animals and are of the opinion that they should be treated with the respect they deserve as sensitive, feeling, creatures subject to the same sensations, feelings, fears, pleasures, and  stresses we as people experience. Providing grooming services at value pricing that everyone can afford is  what we strive to provide. We believe that no pet should be denied grooming services that enhance their health, appearance, and overall  sense of well-being.  Additionally, we are a small, intimate business. This benefits your pet because the atmosphere in the shop is considerably quieter providing a less stressful grooming experience. Your pet gets individualized attention from start to finish by the same person. Our products are all certified to be pet safe. Our equipment is professional grade. We use gentle and humane restraints to protect your "babies" as well as our groomer during the grooming process. We have established protocols for dealing with injuries or emergencies should they arise all to help our clients feel confident that their family members are well cared for while here. 

Our groomer is grooming school educated and trained, having passed an eleven phase course of instruction on the fundamentals of both dog and cat grooming, the study of the various coat types and the anatomy of each species.  In addition to the class instruction, there was hands on training with a mentor salon that provided the practical phase of training. A professionally educated groomer benefits you in several ways. Firstly, knowing the proper methods of manipulating an animal's limbs and joints prevents discomfort or injury to the animal, particularly when dealing with senior or otherwise impaired animals. Secondly, knowledge of a breed's standard allows a professionally trained groomer to apply corrective grooming to hide or camouflage congenital anatomical abnormalities in the animal's physique. As a professional in the pet care industry, it is important to Dog Gone Chic Pet Grooming to stay abreast of industry standards and to comply with them. We also further our knowledge and expertise through continuing education courses and trade shows.  Pet grooming is much more involved than simply picking up a shear or clipper and copying a picture of a dog or cat. If it wasn't, everyone would be in the grooming business. At Dog Gone Chic Pet Grooming, we understand that, and feel that is why our services will benefit both you and your beloved family member. 

We are new to the Camden area having moved here in November 2015. We look forward to serving Camdenites as well as others and providing all with quality grooming services at value prices in a convenient location. Grooming animals has been a dream for many years and it was only until recently that we were able to pursue it and watch it come to fruition.